Top of the Morning - and a Beige Epiphany

Happy St Pats Day! We are doing what we lovingly refer to as "boiled dinner" at our house for family (my mom, twin sis and baby sis) and in honor of it I am wearing a "touch of green". Not full bore emerald green I'm sporting but very muted moss green sweater and floral scarf (with same soft muted green) that hubs bought for me on a trip to see his son. But I digress...

The epiphany which I referred to in the title is regarding a contentious beige jacket that I bought 2 years ago because it was a "good deal" and I thought i needed a jacket. Well I DID and indeed DO still need indoor jackets but this is what I have now realized is the fabled "soul sucking beige".

I am attempting to style it in some acceptable way before I goodwill or consign it.My own take on it is that this is an acceptable look but that is all. The jacket has small rounded lapels that kind of emphasize my smaller sloping shoulders. I think the length is ok for me.

I have nothing emotionally vested in this jacket so "let er rip"!

Also I have included the first pic to show you the difference between an sharp lapel and the subsequent rounded one which I don't find myself liking!

coldwater creek beige jacket petitie size 5
NEW dark wash denim skinnies - levi demi curve
moss green pullover cable sweater - Eddie Bauer
black knee high Etienne Aignier riding boots
multi floral scarf
poppy red rain coat.

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  • nicoleb replied 9 years ago

    I think it looks good on you. I don't see it as soul sucking but i think it's hard to tell that sort of thing unless you're outside in natural light. Putting the scarf by your face will definitely help though!

  • Kirti replied 9 years ago

    Mer, I don't think it is soul sucking on you at all! And you could always pair it with bright scarves/tops if you find the colour a little dull right? Btw, these Levi's skinnies fit you like a glove - I'm jealous :P :D

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Meredith, you look so fantastic in that coat I can't see past it!

    Okay. Onto your question. You know what? I think you are absolutely right about the lapels. They DO what you say. Interesting to compare the two jackets. This is very helpful to me. I have square shoulders but my husband has sloping shoulders and we have been talking collars and lapels recently. I am going to tell him about your epiphany!

    As for the colour, it's hard to say. I think you've done such a great job styling it that it looks really nice on you, at least in the photos! So I don't think it's soul-sucking on you as you've presented it. But if you wanted a beige jacket, ideally you'd find one with a cut that gave you a bit more punch!

  • rae replied 9 years ago

    Your soul looks intact to me! In fact, you look pretty darn good in the jacket with the scarf like that. Maybe keep it around for a while? It could be a good, easy way to lighten up for spring.

    Can't get over how good those skinnies look!

  • Mo replied 9 years ago

    Is it the same jacket in #1 and 4/5? Must be the shadows, because it looks like two different jackets. I don't think 4/5 is soul sucking - a little more like cream than beige. But I do see what you mean about the collars. I had never given too much thought to collar size, and I have some slope to my shoulders as well, so maybe I should!

  • CocoLion replied 9 years ago

    I think you're right, it's acceptable but not awesome. You have reached a new level of fabness that it doesn't stand up to IMO. I vote pass on the jacket.


  • Sara L. replied 9 years ago

    The jacket looks fine to me too. Maybe it's because of how you styled it with the scarf so the beige isn't next to your face. But it you don't like it, I say pass it on.

  • Meredith1953 replied 9 years ago

    I HAD to have a scarf and having gone through my arsenal this is the only one that had enough interest and contrast to work to my satisfaction. It also is the one I wanted to use for the green sweater.
    Thanks! It's nice to know if looks pretty good and that you like the skinnies!
    @ Suz,
    Ah....That is EXACTLY what I was illustrating. The first pic with trusty gray jacket has a sharp lapel. The soul sucker has rounded lapels which I have discovered I HATE on me!
    Thanks! If I keep the jacket (just long enough to replace with something better) I would HAVE to wear a scarf with it!
    Two different jackets. First is the gray one with strong lapel, the second is the aformentioned soul sucker with whimpy rounded lapels. Grrrr!
    I agree. It isn't great to me and that is precisely why you all have NEVER seen my wear it. Heck. I don't think I've EVER worn it. I do intend to replace it either immediately or very soon when I find a different replacement. It is too limiting and I don't feel wonderful in it!

  • Meredith1953 replied 9 years ago

    Sara L,
    Thanks! I have reached the same opinion!

    Oh my god.....another ephiphany. I had some shawl neckline cardis I hated and now I know why! I can't stand that rounded lapel effect! It makes my shoulders look whimpier, my waist look wider, and my hips wider as well!!!! This is proving most enlightening. Note to self.....NEVER buy round lapels, peter pan collars, shawl necklines on sweaters and crew necks sweaters or cardis as they do not extend my shoulder line which I desperately need.

  • replied 9 years ago

    I don't know Mere. You look pretty good to me, so don't Goodwill that beige jacket yet. As long as it's scarf weather I think you'll be ok styling it like this. I'm very interesting in all of this shoulder/lapel talk so I'll be back!

    This skinnies continue to amaze me. Have you tried them with flats yet? You have the figure for them!

  • Mo replied 9 years ago

    Ah, now I see - thanks. Yes, #1 is much better a choice on you. I am perusing my jackets now and wondering if I need to ditch the rounded lapels, too!! See what you've done?! ;)

  • kellygirl replied 9 years ago

    I love the edge that the moto, skinnies and lace up boots add to your outfits. I actually think the beige jacket is a good color on you--a nice neutral. It does look a little conservative but I think that it's worth keeping and playing with--I bet you could make it work by making sure you have an edgy element to your outfit.

  • Meredith1953 replied 9 years ago

    I will keep it only until I replace it with a jacket I like better. I can stand the color with a decent scarf and I like the length but now I am just hating those round lapels!
    I read your thread and all your jackets seem fine even the first one with the rounded lapels and you know why.....The sleeves are inset and slightly puffed with extends the shoulder line just dandy!
    Thanks. I will replace the jacket due to the hated lapels but I do completely understand about taking a conservative piece and modernizing if with something tough or edgy. You are absolutely right about that! Also the boots which you probably can't tell are my other pair of kneehigh boots not the laceup boots. Actually hubs asked me to wear these boots instead today. He is sooooo conservative in his taste.

  • Mo replied 9 years ago

    Whew! I didn't want to have to start more purging lol. Seriously, thanks for taking a look :) I think that my hair is a factor I need to consider, as well. It almost always covers at least some shoulder.
    I like the idea of keeping the jacket just until it's better replacement comes along. And I hear you on your other half preferring more conservative looks. I think a lot of us deal with that ;)

  • christieanne replied 9 years ago

    Those skinny jeans look sensational on you! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family.

  • jayne replied 9 years ago

    I agree, MEridith you are hot in those jeans! and I say to dump that less than 10 beige jacket like it was on fire. Not flattering. You rock the square blazer much better and deserve to go ahead and let go. Do you really need beige? You like grey better, and I think you look great with brights....what is your 'color' season?

  • Fruitful replied 9 years ago


    I thought you looked fantastic in every outfit and they truly gave me joy to see.

    However, on reading Suz's comment I see what you mean about the lapels. I didn't notice the shape of your shoulders until I went looking for it, but as this is a figure flattery priority for you I don't think you'll feel your best in this jacket and therefore it needs to go! Unless you need it as a backup or something.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 9 years ago

    Meredith - your style has come leaps and bounds and I don't think the beige jacket fits the new Meredith! If you can't remember ever wearing it, you question the colour as soul sucking, and you hate the lapels....then I say pass on it. it looks ok with the scarf, but do you always want to have to look for a colourful scarf to feel ok in the jacket? Just saying.

  • Kyle replied 9 years ago

    I agree with you about the sharper lapels and fitted shoulders. Nicely tailored and crisp. The beige color looks pretty good to me, though.

  • Meredith1953 replied 9 years ago

    Ladies! Thank you for confirming what I know. With the help and resources of this community I have learned to style this jacket so that it is "acceptable" on me. I know that I also want better for myself! That is actually a huge accomplishment for me since I now know also what criteria I need to follow when buying jackets. This has been a great experiment and I appreciate each and every one of you for contributing your comments and suggestions. What a great group of ladies!

  • Meredith1953 replied 9 years ago

    I agree... the jacket is going bye-bye! I actually don't know what season I am. I like both warm and cool colors but the more saturated and less pastel end of the spectrum. When I was younger and auburn I wore more warm colors but now as I have chosen to go gray I find myself loving all the cool colors that complement my hair!
    I am so gratified that you have like my outfits. I feel sure that replacing this jacket is the correct move and now I know what to look for. After all, it's not like I have been wearing it so I obviously didn't NEED it.
    Yep. The unhappiness level of how I feel I look and more importantly how I FEEL in the jacket is definitely propelling me to let someone else give the soul sucker some love.
    Yes a sharper silhouette is in order even if I could tolerate the beige! I think I might go for a different color though. Maybe a light gray or white.

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