Snow Leopard - WIW

Hi lovely ladies,
The weather today is just as nice as yesterday but even warmer (almost too warm). I wanted to wear something to work that wouldn't make me too warm so I pulled my leopard blouse I have been enjoying so much and teamed it with white jeans. I like to think of it as my version of a "snow leopard". I hope you like the look.

Leopard blouse - JCrew
White straight leg jeans - Levi demi-curve
khaki belt
khaki tstrap sandals - Clarks
white watch
opal earrings
light green denim jacket
orange purse

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  • Kiwichik replied 8 years ago

    Oooh yay you're wearing my favourite blouse today - looks good.

  • celia replied 8 years ago

    Gorgeous and pulled together snow leopard :)
    I think the outfit will also look great without the jacket if te weather warms up.

  • Kirti replied 8 years ago

    Gorgeous! I love the white-leopard combo :-)

  • Transcona Shannon replied 8 years ago

    You make a beautiful snow leopard! I love the soft colours all together.

  • rae replied 8 years ago

    This leopard brought her own snow drift to cool off in! I really like how you've lightened up that pattern... I'm more used to it with darker colors like black and red.

  • Tanya replied 8 years ago

    Very pretty blouse and such a great look. Great job Meredith!

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    I think it is becoming MY favorite blouse also!

    Thanks Celia! I think it looks nice with white also. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of it without the jacket so you could see.

    Thanks so much!

    Thanks so much for liking it with the softer colors. I thought it could work for spring and summer this way.

    Very clever! My own snow drift! I'm glad you like the blouse with the lighter colors. It is kind of a change from the darker more dramatic colors. I actually was thinking I might buy a pair of sunglasses with white rims to sort of bookend the jeans.

    Thanks so much for liking the combination! The blouse has been surprisingly versatile.

  • Beth Ann replied 8 years ago

    I agree with Rae! It's nice to see an animal print lightened up. I wonder what my python shirt would look like with white? Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jjsloane replied 8 years ago

    You rock this blouse! I've only ventured mine out once (see below) Oddly it is almost the same as a Halloween costume I once wore in High school.

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    @Beth Ann,
    I think any neutral animal print would look cool with white! Can't wait for the pics.

    Your blouse is very similar to mine! AND you teamed it with a white jacket!

  • ManidipaM replied 8 years ago

    Very cool idea to put together leopard and pastels! Complete agreement with Rae there --- I usually see it with darker or brighter shades.

    Like the idea of white-framed sunglasses. Another colour option, if I may: yellow! Would look great with your raincoat too. As well as with gray, which you also use often. I saw a pair recently that was yellow with white on the inside of the rims, visible from an angle. I think they were Polaroid's own brand?

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    Yellow would be nice also! That is a great idea. I'll have to try googling those Polaroid sunglasses you saw!

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    Very nice! Light colours are so pretty - at any time of the year, really.

  • Amy replied 8 years ago

    I can't look at the word "snow" right now. You, however are a vision! You're always so nicely put together, Meredith.

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