new chambray shirt and white denim jacket

Hi Lovely YLFR'S,
The other day I stopped by the mall to look for a soft chambray shirt. I have been wanting one for some time but just wasn't enthused about what I was seeing. I stopped in at AE and found this incredibly soft chambray shirt that feels wonderful on. I had to get it. I figure I can wear it now obviously, but also layered under sweaters in the Fall. I also managed to find a white denim jacket, which I have wanted for awhile also. Everything I was seeing before was too stiff and I need things to feel soft and broken in right away. This denim jacket is as soft as wearing your favorite flannel shirt. I got it and today I am wearing them both for! I hope you like them as I really love and intend to keep them. P.S. This is one of the few times I opted to try tucking.

chambray shirt
black capris
white denim jacket
clark navy and leather wedges
white watch
silver hoop earrings
bronze brown woven belt.

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  • jayne replied 8 years ago

    good picks! love to hear the jacket is soft. Mine drives me crazy being so stiff. Never thought of buying a soft one. love those sandals!

  • Vicki replied 8 years ago

    I like the tucking on you, Meredith, and what a cool chambray shirt. It looks so good with your capris and sandals.

  • Kiwichik replied 8 years ago

    The chambray shirt looks good on you - could be a good candidate to knot at the waist.

  • MNsara replied 8 years ago

    Perfect wardrobe pieces -- they'll probably turn out to be workhorses for you :-)

    Gotta love chambray worn with white denim - so fresh and still so classic!

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    Thanks ladies! I'm sure the shirt and jacket will always need ironing after washing but they are so soft and cuddly that I don't mind.

  • Heather replied 8 years ago

    Is this the chambray blouse with the polka dots? I love your pose. Darling.

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    This is actually a paler chambray from AE (not the polka dot gap - which I also own but is still sort of stiff). Thanks !

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    LOVE #1. You are finding your style, Meredith. Well done! A 10!

  • rae replied 8 years ago

    You look elegant, rugged, and comfortable all in one go. I hear you about nice, soft, worn-in-feeling denim. The best! I almost can't believe you didn't have a white denim jacket before - your blue one is a workhorse. I'm sure this lovely white one will take you straight through summer and beyond.

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    Thanks Angie! I appreciate the thumbs up for the chambray. It was tough finding one that was already broken in.

    I am still thinking it is a whole lot of white next to my face but I believe it will be practical with summer dresses and jeans. I'm probably more used to darks or brights close to my face.

  • Aida replied 8 years ago

    #1 is just gorgeous Meredith! I love the new chambray blouse tucked in. And I agree with Rae on the white jacket, this one looks great and I'm sure you'll find it very versatile. Doesn't look like too much white near your face to me, but if it helps you can just think of this as another "bright" :D

  • nicoleb replied 8 years ago

    Hooray for chambray! It's so versatile and i'm sure you will love it no matter what season we're in! Glad you found a super soft one!

  • Isis replied 8 years ago

    #1 is perfection! Slightly edgy, casual, yet polished. Love!

  • Joy replied 8 years ago

    We are jacket twins! I ordered 4 different white denim jackets to find a good cropped version and this one won. This is a wonderful look on you.

  • Mellllls replied 8 years ago

    Looks great. I may check out AD for that shirt.

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    Softness was one of my requirements. I simply cannot wear stiff and scratchy clothing.

    I'm glad the tucking looks alright. I am not accustomed to tucking!

    I'll try the knotting thing next.

    I really like chambray with white also!

    Thanks for reassuring me about the white not being too much! I'll try thinking of it as bright!

    I never really considered how versatile it could be but since I can at least layer it in the winter I think I'll be able to wear it almost year round!

    I am pleased you find it edgy since that is not usually one of the adjectives I get!

    I am so glad you like yours also!

    I don't usually shop there but I lucked out finding both pieces.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 8 years ago

    You are rockin' that shirt Meredith!

  • Meredith1953 replied 8 years ago

    Thanks Shannon! I really like the shirt a LOT. It feels like I am wearing jammies.

  • shevia replied 8 years ago

    Excellent! I love the belt and the shoes too!

  • ManidipaM replied 8 years ago

    First, can I say, 'very cool shoes!'?

    So exciting to find two things you've been searching for in one fell swoop, Meredith! And I ADORE the way you've styled them here --- I like that you've got casual classics (chambray and white denim) in 'worn' fabrications in a very up-to-the-minute, modern (crops, fab high-vamped wedges!) silhouette. This is one of your best, right along with the black dress!

    And I bet you can make jacket work as a 'winter white' layer with all your fun scarves near your face too. (I personally find I tone down the brightness and play up the deeper, cosier colours when it's cool.)

  • catgirl replied 8 years ago

    You are amassing quite a jacket collection - I love seeing you use them all! Nice find on the shirt. This is why I look EVERYWHERE... you never know.

  • Scarlet replied 8 years ago

    #1 looks so chic!

  • Kari replied 8 years ago

    Fantastic! I haven't stopped in AE for ages as I've "aged" and "sized" out of their target demographic, but in the past every once in a while I've found true gems. I still have a super soft white boyfriend cardigan that is my go-to piece when I want to toss on a thin, cozy layer. That chambray shirt looks like a winner.

  • Kirti replied 8 years ago

    Great purchases Mer :-)

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