Made Returns to Mall and Acquired New BR Tops

Hello lovely ladies1
I took back my whole Talbots order I received the other day (I posted a tirade on the subject) plus two out of four JCrew tops and as I was leaving I decided to check out AT and BR. I didn't find anything I liked or needed at AT but at BR I found a few more summer tops which I definitely need. One of them is a striped tee (what a surprise!) and the other two are sleeveless. The black one has a drape neckline and will work with skirts as well and be able to be dressed up. The other sleeveless one is reminiscent of tops I wore in college and is slightly Boho or exotic. Even that is not my current style, I thought it was really cute and looked nice. I am planning on taking it down for a high school reunion with dear friends. I was actually sort of a hippie back then and I decided to let the little part of myself be expressed along with my current modern classic side. I hope you like the tops. I have included a few pics of them with different bottoms.

BR halter green patterned top
BR black drape neck top
BR short sleeve scoopneck striped top (olive green stripes)


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Building a Capsule in Navy and White- Questions

I am really interested in building a capsule for Spring/Summer around a few Navy and White pieces with some colorful accents thrown in. I already have a pair of white jeans, a navy polka dot gap shirt, a navy v neck, and a cream and navy striped boatneck. I saw this dress ( I own almost NO dresses) and I really like it although I have not tried it on in the store. I would like opinions on whether this would work for my body type and style and if it will fit into the capsule. What do you think?

Link to the dress:;cid=26497


UPS just delivered my order from Express!

I have been so excited to receive this shipment. I ordered 2 faux leather jackets. One is the red moto jacket ClearlyClaire said I should definitely try. The other is a pretty butterscotch one. I also bought three scarves which are also among the photos ( a green one, a blue print one and a black gingham one) and 3 shirts. One is a leopard print that I hate and is going back. The other two seem to fit well but my eye is not adjusted to the puff sleeve which I realize is probably ok for my sloped shoulders. Here goes! Hope you like most of it!


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Another Jacket at BR that I Have Fallen In Love With

Sigh....I like it even better than the navy dot short trench.


BR Navy Polka Dot Trench! I think I'm in LOVE

This is adorable in my opinion. Anyone else take a fancy to it? It is reduced from $150 to $129.00


Shoes I just purchased on Zappos

I know this is going to be somewhat out of character for my style but I really think these are least in the picture. I wanted a shoe that sort of has the converse black and white look but I wanted a little bit of a heel and something a little more "funky...playful?" Anway. I just ordered them and hope they will look good with skinnies and my striped tops etc. Can't envision wearing them with a skirt or dress right now. Opinions?


Would this work as a shrug over a sundress- even denim?


WIW - Erranding with my mom

Hi Lovely ladies!
Today the weather is 63 degrees and sunny. Definitely a great start to the weekend. Took my mom erranding (bank, passport photos, local clothing store she loves) and then dropped her at her St. Michaels senior luncheon. This is what I wore.
green jacket (such a surprise!)
navy and cream striped LLBEAN boatneck
blue cross hatch scarf
WHBM blue jeans
Tsubo black and gray maryjanes
Fossil woven summer bag
white ceramic peugeot watch
red earrings
Bonus shot of furbaby Reilly in first pic#

Bonus shot of new scarf from shop I visited with Mom today. Does the scarf look nice with the green jacket. Not sure if you can tell but there is a touch of green in the scarf. I love all the colors in it! The remind my of an exotic middle eastern rug pattern.

Opinions and suggestions? I thought it turned out pretty nicely.


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Darling Polkadot Navy Blouse I covet

Now I have become obsessed with polkadots I wanted to share this cute blouse I am thinking of buying. I think it would be lovely for summer but also work almost year round. Opinions?


Ask Angie: I love this look. Orange and denim!!!

I was on Nordy's site looking at cardigan sweaters and found this link. I love the entire look! I think I can wear the orange, but just need to get a denim shirt along with my so-so black jeans. What do you think?