Polka dot dress re-mix redux *disclaimer* pic heavy

Hi lovelies!
Yesterday I posted some pictures of styling possibilities for my polka dot sleeveless dress. I got lots of great feedback. Well this am. I found a few more combos to throw together that I would like your opinion on. I was surprised to see that I quite like the black puffy sleeve blouse belted over it. Once I ran out of ideas for that dress I started in on my black sheath so I have also included pics of it styled various ways! Some of the outfits look the same but the footwear is different. A couple of the shots are un-styled because I wanted you to see the dress before it had anything added. I pretty much threw in the kitchen sink so I know some of the outfits look a little "goofy or unfinished" but I wanted to be open minded in the process.

Opinions and suggestions are most gratefully accepted.


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Help styling a polka dot dress

I wore this dress and posted it as a WIW to the Puccini Martini Blast. It is a sleeveless polka dot dress that I would like to try to get as many decent combinations from it as possible. I am including lots of pic showing it with many different tops and jackets and footwear. I teamed it also with a couple of scarves and one gun metal pearl necklace which I don't wear much. Please let me know which are successful pairings and which which would be if I changed some aspect. Also if there are some real duds...yeah...let me know that too.

One of the pairs of shoes is a new pair of boutique 9 lace-less peep-toe oxfords and I really think they are cute!


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YouLookFab and their Polyvore Web Page

I have a Polyvore acct and I do use it although it is kind of tricky. Imagine my delight when, reading Angie's post day, I clicked on blue blouse in the style blog. It led me directly to Polyvore and I was treated with the opportunity to "follow" YouLookFab outfits in all their goodness. This may be old hat to some of you but it is awesome. Even if you don't want to use Polyvore for yourself you should DEFINITELY check out the YouLookFab outfits there! So cool! Here's the link if you need it!



playing with an ikat top and apricot skinnies in Pinterest

I am enjoying Pinterest and Closet Couture so much! I found two items on Nordstrom's site ( an ikat printed top and a pair of Wit and Wisdom apricot skinnies). I tried blending the two together and sort of like the results. Opinions on this combo? Here is the link where I sort of stuck them together!



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Difficult to style colored denim jacket!

Hello lovely YLFR'S
I have avoided wearing this jacket because I find the color and cut difficult to style. I have attempted to work with it as best I can but I don't know if it will do. Is the color ok?

Checkerboard scarf
BR gray turtleneck
Black jeans
Black boots
light green denim jacket

I don't have a lot emotionally invested in the piece so please do feel free to make suggestions.


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