New red skirt and denim - WIW

It is supposed to get up to 104 today! I am just discovering the charms of dresses and skirts in this kind of weather so this was a great opportunity to wear my new red Nic and Zoe skirt to work to beat the heat.

AT shortsleeve scoop navy top
red Nic and Zoe skirt
Clark denim and leather wedge sandals
denim jacket
white watch
red hoop earrings

Hope this looks ok to you. Do the wedges work with this skirt or do they need to be worn with longer skirts, dresses and pants?


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New White Denim Jacket with Black A-Line Dress- High Contrast

Hi lovely ladies!
It will 95 degrees today! Very hot and sunny. Since our building is air conditioned I teamed up my sleeves AT black A-Line dress with my new AE white denim jacket, white watch, black and white Talbots scarf, and black wedges. This is VERY high contrast for me and so I hope it looks ok. Generally I am more of a medium or low contrast gal. Strangely enough I don't feel high contrast when I am wearing my white denim jeans.


new chambray shirt and white denim jacket

Hi Lovely YLFR'S,
The other day I stopped by the mall to look for a soft chambray shirt. I have been wanting one for some time but just wasn't enthused about what I was seeing. I stopped in at AE and found this incredibly soft chambray shirt that feels wonderful on. I had to get it. I figure I can wear it now obviously, but also layered under sweaters in the Fall. I also managed to find a white denim jacket, which I have wanted for awhile also. Everything I was seeing before was too stiff and I need things to feel soft and broken in right away. This denim jacket is as soft as wearing your favorite flannel shirt. I got it and today I am wearing them both for! I hope you like them as I really love and intend to keep them. P.S. This is one of the few times I opted to try tucking.

chambray shirt
black capris
white denim jacket
clark navy and leather wedges
white watch
silver hoop earrings
bronze brown woven belt.


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Wiw yesterday and today

Hi lovely ladies,
Somehow time has just been moving so fast. I have missed posting my daily wiws for a few days and decided to at least catch up yesterday and today.

new talbots fuschia and navy ruched top
new talbots black crop pants
denim jacket
white watch
black wedge sandals

purple J Crew ballet 3/4 sleeve whisper t
white jeans
khaki sandals
metal circle necklace
white watch
denim jacket

Hope this all meets with your approval. Suggestions and comments appreciated!


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